My Story

My name is Chris Friesen, and I am a commercial gym owner and personal trainer by trade who has overcome drug addiction, mental illness, and a child with cancer on my Average Joe journey.

I began building an online fitness business a couple of years ago to compliment my commercial 24 hour gym, and discovered a passion and talent for online marketing that soon transitioned into a full blown obsession with affiliate marketing and the vast potential this business model has for creating online wealth.

I have been obsessed with martial arts and self-defense training, as well as building muscle and losing body fat for over 25 years now, ever since seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee on screen as a kid. I loved the way they looked, their rippling muscles and abs that popped, and this was the catalyst that started me on my fitness journey all those years ago that  ended up with me building a successful personal training business and eventually opening up my own 24/7 commercial gym.


I had dabbled with drugs and alcohol on and off since I was 13 years old, but I jumped into that world with reckless abandon when I turned 18.

I spent most of my evenings with friends, drinking beer and smoking pot. We would drive around the back roads out in the country, listening to music, getting high and talking about ridiculous theories regarding the world and the universe.

After high school, I moved in with a couple of friends, and our evenings of partying eventually turned into days as well, and I started selling drugs to be able to finance this lifestyle.

Pot gradually turned into LSD, magic mushrooms and cocaine, and I began to drink more heavily with each passing day.

My parents sensed the road I was travelling along, were justifiably concerned for my well being and my future, and for my 18th birthday, they bought me my first gym membership.

This kick started my fitness and fat loss goals once again, and while I didn’t stop partying, I slowed down and stopped selling drugs.

I had made a conscious decision to give my life to Jesus and follow Him shortly after this point, and I felt called to focus on this area of my life once again in response to the difficulties and struggles I had become faced with.

This faith in Christ would turn out to be a huge source of strength, comfort and peace for me, as well as my family, during the massive struggles and turmoil I would find myself facing in the next decade of my life.

I had started working as an insurance agent part time when I was in high school, and I went back to that job once again in a full time capacity once I returned from my trip to Europe.

Life was great, but my old demons started to show their ugly faces once again. I had suffered a shoulder injury from bench pressing too heavy a few years earlier, and I had surgery to try and fix the problem in same year we got married.

The recovery period from the surgery involved powerful narcotic painkillers, and I discovered that I loved the feeling that these powerful drugs gave me.

Once my prescription ran out and I was healed up, I found a way to get my hands on these drugs without the need of a doctor’s prescription.


My drug habit only became stronger and stronger and I felt like I was trapped, with no hope. I was secretly terrified that my drug habit would end up killing me, and I repeatedly cried out to God to deliver me from the grip of this horrible habit.

This issue came to a head at the age of 33, when my wife and a couple of friends confronted me about it, and convinced me to kick this habit.

At the time I was making my own “backyard opium” through sources and methods I had researched on the internet, and I had a monster sized habit. I decided to kick the habit cold turkey, and the first night, I became so terribly sick that I needed to check in at the local hospital emergency room.

We had 2 small children at the time, that we had to bring to my in-laws house on our way to the hospital. When we were checking in at the front desk of the hospital, I passed out and woke up in a hospital bed, hooked up to a bunch of monitors and machines.


In 2012, disaster struck my family twice in a matter of months.

First, my youngest son Coltan was diagnosed with a Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malfunction, which is a fancy way of saying that he had cysts forming in one of his lungs, and would require major surgery at some point.

Then, just over 3 months later, my oldest son Noah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were understandably devastated by this turn of events, and life became more about surviving rather than thriving.

We had 3 children at the time, 2 of which had serious medical conditions that required major surgeries, as well as daily doses of chemo, frequent visits to the nearest Children’s Hospital which was an hour and a half away, as well as monthly rounds of steroids that were absolute hell.

My son would go into rages where he would destroy his bedroom and break things, he would scream at us that he hated us, and life became a living hell much of the time.

Add to that the fact that we were unsure if he would even survive, and we had to face the very real fear that cancer might take our oldest son away from us.

Thankfully, my son completed chemo treatment in September of 2015 and has been cancer free since that time.

Then just before Christmas of 2016, my youngest son Coltan underwent successful surgery to remove the damaged portion of his left lung, and we seemed to close the book on this chapter of our lives.

The Goal of The Affiliate Ninja

My goal with “The Affiliate Ninja” is to help people realize the awesome potential of affiliate marketing and online business in general, as well as help them to avoid the numerous pitfalls and copious amounts of misinformation on the internet about building an online business, and help them resist the “shiny object syndrome” of the online marketing space.

I want to help budding online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers get started with a firm foundation for their business, while at the same time helping them by sharing the tools, skills, techniques, and “secret tricks” that I used to build my business with ongoing training via written articles and video.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Chris Friesen
Super Funnel Hero